Teen Driving Tips

As the mom of a new teenager, I know it’s only a matter of time before he is ready to get in the car and learn to drive. Scary as that may seem, I need to start learning to prepare myself for that day. Below are a few tips I found that I thought would be helpful to pass along to those of you who are facing the same dilemma as me:

1.   Be a Good Example: If you have a lead foot, weave in and out of traffic, talk or text on the phone while you are driving, chances are your teen is watching you and will mimic your habits. Slow down, be more mindful of the cars around you, and PLEASE do not text while driving. If you feel you need to use the phone, at least invest in a hands free device. Your teenager will see you making good, conscious decisions while driving and will see what it means to be a responsible, defensive driver.

2.   Let Them Practice: Allow your teen to practice driving in a safe environment. Also, sign them up for driver’s education class. The more practice they get, the chances of them being a safe, responsible driver go up! Remember when you are driving with your teen, remain calm and have a plan in place for when you go driving. Let them know where you will be going and what skills you will be working on.

3.   Point out Potential Risks: Scan around the area as a second pair of eyes. Point out potential risks, such as dangerous intersections, that your teen should be noticing.

4.   Teach Them the Dashboard: Show your teen where the controls are and what each one does. The last thing you want is for your teen to be driving the car, get caught in a rain storm and not know how to turn on the windshield wipers! It has happened to me and it is not fun. If they know the mechanics of the car they are driving, it will make things safer for them as well as for the cars driving on the road with them.

For those of us who like gadgets and want to be on top of where our teens are when they are out driving around, there is a wonderful tool out there called Teensurance. It is a service that provides roadside assistance, parent resources, a safety beacon (a GPS tracking device) that would track the vehicle if it were stolen, provide speed limit reminders, notifies you if your teen has driven outside of a certain perimeter you have given them, curfew reminders, vehicle location tracking and arrival and departure notifications. It’s a handy little tool to keep track of your teenager. If you would like to know more about this package, feel free to contact me for more information.


One Response to “Teen Driving Tips”

  1. Mir Lynne Pietrzyk Says:

    Awesome info thank you Angie ~ you are the best

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